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HuisNieuwsSemiconductor silicon chip is eclipsed with high pure quartz materials

Semiconductor silicon chip is eclipsed with high pure quartz materials


The semiconductor silicon chip etching process needs to use a large amount of quartz glass reaction cavity and sample brackets. Due to the etching process, it needs to be usedHF solution or CF4 and other fluorine -containing gas, fluoride ions will cause severe corrosion damage to quartz glass. Therefore, corrosive quartz glass materials and products should be used.

At present, the current domestic melting, gas refining, continuous melt,A single group of quartz glass materials prepared by CVD or PCVDs are poorly resistant to corrosion resistance, and almost all domestic semiconductor manufacturers rely on imported foreign products.

It is reported that in the early days, Japan used alumina ceramics, molten aluminum garnet, and aluminum nitride ceramics and other materials as auxiliary materials for etching.The drop -off process will pollute the semiconductor silicon wafer, and then reduce the finished product rate of silicon wafers.In response to the above problems, manufacturers such as Japan and Germany have proposed to use quartz glass materials to make the etching reaction cavity and sample brackets, but the material is non -Putong high -pure quartz glass material.

According to the introduction of the segue researchers of the Quartz and Special Glass Research Institute of the General Institute of China Construction Materials Science Research Institute, due to the inconsistency of the structure of the quartz glass materials prepared by different technologies, the mechanism of the final corrosion destruction is slightly different, such as in the quartz glassNa, K, CA, MG, Fe, Cu, CR, Ni and other impurities such as metal elements and hydroxyl groups will destroy the complete [SIO4] 4-structure of quartz glass to make the structure loose, resulting in fluoride ions more easily eroded quartz glassAnd it was destroyed.

In order to meet the corrosion durability requirements of quartz glass, the quartz glass must be doped to reduce the corrosion rate of quartz glass in the fluorine -containing strong corrosive environment and improve its durability.At present, only Germany He Lishi (A few companies such as HERSEUS) and Japan's Tosoh Quartz can produce processes such as corrosion -resistant and durable quartz glass in batches, and have been widely used in semiconductor carving and other processes.

He Li's quartz products
In recent years, my country's semiconductor integrated circuit has developed rapidly, and gradually solves my country’sThe pain of lack of cores, integrated circuit chips have been replaced by imports.High -pure and high -performance quartz glass materials and products are indispensable for the manufacturing process of semiconductor integrated circuit manufacturing process. In recent years, under the strong traction of the semiconductor integrated circuit, it has also developed rapidly, but at present many high -end quartz glass materials and materials and Products still rely on imports, which seriously restrict the development of my country semiconductor integrated circuits.In particular, the semiconductor silicon chip's etching process with doped durable quartz glass has long been relying on imports for a long time, which seriously affects the international competitiveness of my country's semiconductor integrated circuit.

Therefore, for the semiconductor silicon chip carving process, the problem of being easily corroded, perforation, short service life, and dependence import of imports in the process of semiconductor silicon chips.Miscellaneous quartz glass materials and products, break the monopoly of foreign technology and product, replace imports.

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