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HuisNieuwsHigh -precision resistance in precision circuit design—— Diversion resistance

High -precision resistance in precision circuit design—— Diversion resistance


At present, the use scenarios of various electrical equipment are accelerating to high -efficiency and energy -saving changes. The standard energy conservation standard is a hard indicator of electrical equipment.From the perspective of equipment hardware, many solutions can improve the energy efficiency of the equipment.The angle of the circuit design is a small key device for improving the energy saving level of the equipment.The use of diversion resistance can guide the current in the circuit to different branches to play a diversion role, and to achieve accurate control current in the circuit, which is a critical part for energy -saving equipment.In addition, high -precision current detection through diversion resistance is also conducive to the implementation of energy -saving measures.

Selection of diversion resistance

The role of resistance in the electronic circuit is nothing more than pressure, diversion and current limit.Two resistors are connected in parallel, each resistance is equal, and different currents are different.The resistance of the resistance parallel, the smaller the current, the smaller the resistance, and the diversion.The diversion resistance can guide the current in the circuit to different branches. When the current needs to control the current, select the appropriate diversion resistance value to control the current in different branches to meet the specific circuit requirements.

The more the scenes that need to be controlled by accurate circuits, the higher the accuracy and reliability of the shunt resistance.In addition, with the improvement of the function of electrical equipment, the installation density on the circuit board is getting higher and higher, which requires that the diversion resistor is smaller and the rated power is higher.In industrial scenarios and car scenarios, the high -temperature work performance of the device is also valued through the diversion resistance.

In actual current detection, the diversion resistance value is often low, ranging from hundreds of micro -ohms to hundreds of millometers. It needs to be paired with the computing amplifier differential amplifier to improve the sensitivity and accuracy of the detection.Otherwise, the voltage volume is small,MCU is difficult to detect voltage.There are many typical applications, such as overcurrent protection, 4-20mA systems, battery power detection, high brightness LED control, motor control, etc.

In the selection of diversion resistors, it is also necessary to be very careful. First of all, the resistance value must be determined according to the circuit requirements and the required current.At present, many circuit boards require a higher rate of diversion resistance. It is necessary to choose the appropriate power capacity. If the power capacity is too small, the diversion resistance is too hot. If the power capacity is too large, the cost and volume of the circuit will be unnecessary.

Temperature is also a consider point, and the effect of temperature on the performance of the device should be reduced as much as possible.In addition, accuracy and pressure resistance are also parameters that need to be determined by choosing a diversion resistance.In the sampling of large currents, you need to ensure that these parameter indicators meet the expectations and ensure long -term stable device performance.

Battery management systems, power equipment, industrial control equipment, automotive electronics fields, there are many applications of diversion resistors.A suitable diversion resistance can effectively provide small energy saving support for application products.

Not long ago,ROHM is used for the application of the power supply circuit of vehicle equipment, industrial equipment and consumer electronics. In the standard 6432 dimension metal plate diversion resistor PMR100 product lineup, 3 rated power is 5W, the resistance values are 0.5MΩ, respectively, respectively, respectively, and 0.5MΩ, respectively.New products of 1.0MΩ, 1.5MΩ.

These new products use new materials and pins with excellent temperature characteristics, which increases the rated power capacity. It provides larger power products with smaller sizes, which is convenient for applying for miniaturization of the same timeROHM's unique -free resistance structural design inhibits the temperature rise problem caused by the local concentration of the current. Its performance can be said to be a benchmark in the industry.

Domestic resistance is now quite broad, and many domestic enterprises are rapidly impacting the high -end market.For example, the Ruisi brand owned by Electronics has a large current, high -precision diversion resistance product matrix, and the current capacity is from10A covers 20000A, the overall accuracy is ± 0.5%, and the temperature drifting does not exceed ± 100 ppm.Large rated current, low -temperature drift, and high -precision characteristics can also perfectly cover various power equipment and industrial control equipment.

The main attack precision micro -resistant resistance Person Microelectronics is designed with its unique structure and process in diversion resistance, which also reflects the high performance of domestic resistance.Its diversion resistance series has launched car -level products, such asAPSRP25, with a TCR with ± 75-250, has a power level coverage of 5-7W.Technological breakthroughs in materials, design, and manufacturing technology have continuously evolved its products in terms of high precision, miniaturization, and high power.

Under the trend of miniaturization and energy -saving development of various electrical equipment, the role of shunt resistance is becoming more and more important.The continuous improvement of performance shunt resistors will bring convenience to the energy saving and miniaturization of the application products.

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